In a nutshell, we have worked around pool water and pool water testing for a long time and had the displeasure of seeing too many pools that have nasty, gross, green, stinky water — all because no one took the time to show pool owners how testing their pool water on a regular basis could keep them from:

  • Getting cloudy, gross pool water
  • Spending lots of money to clear up cloudy, gross pool water
  • Not having the ability to enjoy crystal clear, safe pool water throughout the swimming season
  • … and most importantly, not spending money unnecessarily on pool chemicals!

On this site…

You will find articles that explain basic information about pool water testing that will shed light on what to test for in your pool, why pool water testing matters, and how pool water testing can save you money in the long run.

Pool Water Test Kit Store

What good would advice on pool water testing do you if we didn’t tell you where you can get the pool water testing supplies you need, right? Once you’re done here, head on over to our Pool Water Test Kit Store to pick up the correct pool water testing supplies you will need to keep your pool water safe, clean and beautiful!

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