Whether you believe it or not, hundreds of people of all ages drown each year after falling into uncovered swimming pools. Seems like an insane statistic, but never-the-less a very real — and very scary — statistic. Some folks fall in by accident and others wind up drowning while trespassing. In either case, a swimming pool safety cover might have saved their lives.

Don’t take just our word for it, though. Loop-Loc, a leader in the swimming pool safety cover industry for more than 20years has compiled a list reasons why they think more people should consider investing in a safety cover:

  1. Mesh construction lets rain, melting snow and ice drain into the pool rather than collect in a stagnant pool on top of the cover that people and pets could accidentally drown in.
  2. Since the top of safety covers stay dry pretty much all the time, blowing dirt, leaves and other types of yard debris do not collect on top of the pool.
  3. Safety covers stay more or less mess-free, look better than stagnant bodies of water, and will require no pumping or leaf removal in the Spring.
  4. Since safety covers get made to fit your pool, you won’t have any areas with less coverage or not-as-secure coverage.
  5. Stainless steel springs hold tension in the cover to keep unwanted and/or accidental intruders out of the water.
  6. Brass anchors lay flush in the deck around the pool and leave the pool area uncluttered year-round.
  7. Mesh safety covers have very low weight to area ratios but can resist approximately 600 pounds of force per square inch.
  8. The lightweight nature of safety mesh covers make them convenient enough to put on and remove on a daily basis if desired.
  9. Securing springs connect to the anchors in a few minutes time and stay in place for as long as needed.

  10. Unwanted intruders cannot remove the cover without using a custom tool from Loop-Loc and that makes Loop-Loc Safety Covers practically tamper-proof.
  11. Mesh safety covers require far less cleaning so opening your pool in the Spring will take a lot less time.
  12. Depending upon where you live and the company insuring your home/property, a properly installed mesh safety cover may reduce your homeowner’s liability insurance rates.
  13. Again, depending upon where you live, some areas may allow homeowners to use a properly installed mesh safety covers in place of a four-sided fence around the pool area. Please check with local officials to verify laws in your area.
  14. Mesh safety covers offer custom options that traditional types of winter covers simply cannot match. In the case of Loop-Loc Safety Covers, owners get the advantages and protection afforded by SAFEDGE (a child safety intrusion barrier that meets raised walls, rocks or steps) and GAP GUARD which closes gaps caused by varying levels around the pool.
  15. Mesh safety covers blend seamlessly into your yard’s landscape.

Do mesh safety covers mean you can skip using a Winterizing Chemical Kit? Absolutely not! Without chemicals to keep algae and other organic matter at bay, your non-circulating, closed pool will become a smelly green swamp!

Most closing kits feature, at a minimum, the following chemicals: Some form of shock (chlorine or non-chlorine based), some form of algaecide, and a stain preventative. As options some winterizing kits will also include phosphate removers that will make it difficult for algae to grow in the Spring and/or a device to trap contaminants such as suntan oils, body oils, etc. that would otherwise drop out of suspension and stick to pool surfaces once water temperatures drop.

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