We know that you have already gotten yourself a good quality winter cover, but wouldn’t you also like to protect your diving board, as well?

In the past a pool owner had the following options: Take the diving board down for the off-season and stick it in the shed/garage, cover the diving board with a tarp (which usually comes off or rips mid-Winter), or just deal with having to deep clean (or replace!) the grout on the diving board in the Spring.

All those options pretty much suck when you really think about it. Thankfully someone came up with the bright idea of manufacturing fitted, weather-resistant diving board covers that can protect diving boards even in the worst winter weather.

Available in 6-foot, 8-foot and 10-foot sizes, Weather-Out Diving Board Covers give pool owners the ability to cover their diving boards in the Fall and forget about them until Spring — worry-free.

Weather-Out Diving Board Cover

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