During the fall and early spring months trees and other plant-life shed a ton of leaves, twigs, seeds and pine needles which if allowed to sit inside your heater will trap moisture and could facilitate premature corrosion of expensive parts.

Now that you have acquired a quality winter cover and protected your diving board with a Weather-Out Diving Board Cover, you should now think about getting a cover for your pool heater if you have one.

Swimming pool heaters typically cost a good amount of money and have a number of delicate parts that could easily get damaged over the winter months if not properly protected.

A Weather-Out Pool Heater Cover uses a high quality, very durable vinyl exterior to resist tears and other types of damage from things like UV rays while providing the pool heater shelter from rain, salt water spray, sprinkler systems, ice, snow, leaves, and other forms of potentially damaging debris.

Another key benefit of the Weather-Out Pool Heater Cover: By using a non-woven interior lining that does not retain moisture, the heater will not get subjected to condensation while covered. Also, the generous fit of the cover will allow plenty of air to flow around the heater, resulting in a clean, dry heater.

You won’t have to worry about having to disconnect plumbing lines, either. A heavy-duty velcro seam will let you easily install and remove the heater cover without turning a single screw.

Weather-Out Swimming Pool Heater Cover

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