When the ‘dog days have Summer’ have issued the last late night howl, the time to close up the pool draws near… and that means you’ll need chemicals to close your pool.

Pool Winterizing Chemicals

So unless you want to open your pool next Spring and deal with a big, greenish-black, slimy, smelly mess, we suggest using either a chlorine based or non-chlorine based winterizing kit. Below you will find some key benefits of using a non-chlorine winterizing kit:

* Although an excellent sanitizer for pool water, chlorine can reduce the effectiveness of algaecides and other winterizing chemicals. In too large a quantity it can also can stain/bleach pool walls and cause damage to pool liners. The In The Swim Winterizing Kit use only non-chlorine based chemicals.

* In The Swim Winterizing Kits also use a time-release floater that dispenses a potent non-chlorine oxidizer into your pool water for several weeks after you close your pool. This helps to keep algae from growing in the water and keep it sanitized.

* By removing the carbon dioxide from the water, this powerful non-chlorine shock treatment effectively takes away one of the things algae needs in order to grow.

* All kits include easy-to-follow instructions so you know exactly what to add, how to add it, and how much of it to add.

An important thing to remember when selecting a winterizing kit: Do not, under ANY circumstances, underestimate the amount of water in your swimming pool. Failure to add enough winterizing chemicals will have pretty much the same effect as not having added any at all.

Oh, and please do not attempt to use this In the Swim Winterizing Kit on a pool that uses a biguanide (i.e. Baquacil) sanitizer system. Those pool water sanitizing systems have their own closing systems. If you use biguanides, consult with the manufacturer of your maintenance chemicals to learn what closing steps you will need to take.

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