We’ve talked a lot about the eXact Micro 7+ Pool Testing Meter and would now like to introduce you another pool testing meter called the Aquachek Tru Test Reader which works in a completely different manner.

The Aquachek Tru Test Reader uses special three-way test strips instead of reagents added by drop, tablet, reagentstrip, powder, etc. and detects free chlorine, bromine, pH and alkalinity in as little as 15 seconds.

Simply dip an Aquachek Tru Test Strip into the pool or spa for few seconds, remove from water, place in Aquachek Tru Test Reader, and press the ‘read’ button.

The unit uses two AA batteries for power, features a large, easy to read LCD display, and stores the last nine sets of test results.

With regard to the unit’s ability to handle accidental immersion in a pool or spa, the manufacturer claims the water can withstand accidental immersion in water for a short period of time without sustaining permanent damage. They suggest drying the unit off, removing the batteries, drying the battery compartment, and replacing the old batteries with fresh, dry batteries.

Things to Note About the Tru Test Reader

  • The reader will only read correctly when used with Aquachek Tru Test Strips.

  • We did not see anywhere that the unit has any kind of actual waterproof rating (such as IP-67).

  • Although removing user subjectivity from the equation by having the meter read colors instead a person, the unit still relies upon test strip technology which some people do not care for or trust.

Our opinion of the Aquachek Tru Test Reader?

  • It seems like a nice, inexpensive meter to have around the pool for spot testing the basic three pool water parameters: Free Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity. Given that the instrument interprets the strip and requires no light to do so, the unit ought to work quite well for testing in low-light conditions and for people with color blindness.

  • Its accuracy, though leaves something to be desired, we think. The Aquachek Tru Test Reader appears to have the same amount of +/- accuracy as a person reading test strips by eye… Alk: +/- 30, pH: +/- 0.1, Cl: +/- 0.3 from 0 – 1.0ppm & +/- 1.0 from 3 – 10ppm.

  • Having to use only the Aquachek Tru Test Strips kinda’ stinks, but for a sub sixty dollar multi-parameter, they gotta’ get their money out of you SOMEhow, right?

In the end we believe the meter has its place in the pool testing arena, but not near the top. Its lack of accuracy and reliance upon test strip technology make it a nice gadget, but not one for the serious pool testing enthusiast.

We still feel that the eXact Micro 7+ Pool Testing Meter has the most versatility and offers the most bang for the buck — but then again, it also costs a lot more than the Aquachek Tru Test Reader… so we guess ya’ get what ya’ pay for in this case.

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